Our Values

House of Hunters is based on three values:
Inclusivity, Ethicality and Sustainability

Inclusivity: the practice of including people who are usually excluded or marginalised

For years the fashion industry models their garments for those who fit the mold of tall and slender. While it is an ideal body shape, for most people it is unrealistic and has led to a society based on some unhealthy expectations, especially as not all bodies are designed this way. As a self-described ‘short and curvy size 10’, Jodi has struggled with buying clothing from mainstream brands and labels for years. Her experience in the costume industry made her realise how much value there is in wearing clothing that actually fits someone well and how it makes that person feel. She feels it is time that people of all ages and sizes should feel comfortable buying clothing knowing that they are going to look good wearing it. Bearing this in mind, Jodi designs and tests her clothing with three things in mind: is it practical, is it flattering and can it be styled in multiple ways. She says, ‘if I can wear it, anyone can wear it!’. Whether you are tall and thin, short and curvy or somewhere in between, House of Hunters is for everyone.

Ethicality: being in accordance with the practices of right and wrong

If the fashion industry has learnt anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that the industry is broken and has been for a long time. We have relied too heavily on the practices of fast fashion and factories overseas that we have forgotten about the local talent here in New Zealand. There has been a change in attitude and a special emphasis on buying local or buying from a small business, knowing that there is much more value in this practice. You can be sure of buying clothing made by Jodi, who is passionate about what she does and puts a lot of hard work and attention into her craft. She also supports local suppliers, keeping the community in mind. When you buy a product from House of Hunters, you are buying a product from someone who is getting paid fairly and is being made in Wellington, New Zealand using supplies from other local businesses.

Sustainability: the ability to maintain a steady level of resources without causing harm to people and the environment

House of Hunters is run on a made-to-order basis. This ensures that the pieces are made to a good quality and isn’t using more than what is needed. It also ensures that there won’t be a whole heap of stock unsold which wastes precious time, money and resources. Although there is no easy solution to solving the sustainability issue in the fashion industry, by ensuring that there isn’t more stock than needed is one step towards a greener planet. The fashion industry is the second biggest cause of pollution in the world with a large amount of fabric and clothing waste going straight to landfill. Fast fashion is a big contributor to this with the extraordinary amounts of cheap clothing going straight to landfill due to the product not being sold fast enough. House of Hunters is a slow fashion label, meaning that products will be made within a 2-3 week timeframe and won’t be pumping out a new collection every few weeks. One of Jodi’s favourite phrases is ‘less is more’ which is absolutely essential in an industry where staying on trend and always buying ‘the latest thing’ is more valued than investing in timeless quality pieces.